Kid Cudi Has Seen the Light

Kid Cudi is hip-hop’s Peter Pan. As a founding father of alternative hip-hop, Cudi was the sad-boy antihero to André 3000’s Rapunzel wig and kilt. Hip-hop’s Cobain, so to speak. These days the 34-year-old Lost Boy’s demeanor straddles the line between cool kid and loner stoner.

Mac Miller’s goal is “to try to make this shit the most of a reflection of who I am.”

Mac Miller is nervous. He’s pacing, running scales and planning outfits in the Late Night With Stephen Colbert green room during a Monday taping where he’s the musical guest.

Kali Uchis on learning curves, loneliness and why she’ll never sell out

Late one night in 2012, 18-year-old Kali Uchis (now 24) recorded her very first mixtape: Drunken Babble. Consisting of 17 tracks.

Brockhampton: They Want to Be the Biggest Band in the World

The boys are in a relaxed mood. They just released their new album, GINGER, and there’s a sense of relief in the air as they decompress from the group’s most challenging period.

Glass Animals: “Everything that made me who I am was taken away by the accident”

It feels like a miracle to be talking to Joe Seaward, drummer of Oxford’s indie quartet Glass Animals.

070 Shake Just Wants to Make People Feel Something

Since Ye dropped, the artist’s life has changed astronomically. On January 17, she released her debut record, Modus Vivendi, about as introspective a rap record as they come.