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Hip-Hop’s Brightest Living Rockstar, Travis Scott Straight from the get-go, Travis Scott solidified his position as your not so ordinary rapper. As apparent as it was on his earlier mixtapes, “Owl Pharaoh” and “Days Before Rodeo”, Travis was destined to be the next sensation that he sought out to be. Both mixtapes worked as transitional projects to help command his sound, as well as to lay out the blueprint to his career and establish a cult like following that has supported his every move Maintaining a creative vision, Travis Scott mimics the alternating emotions that the songs he creates are supposed to make you feel. The debut album, “Rodeo”, La Flame vitalized his inspirations, separated himself from his predecessors, and developed his signature style of hip-hop’s chaotic, Frankenstein like figure. Much like the thrill of a rodeo, on this album Travis Scott explores his new lifestyle, filled with chaos and rage, while maintaining his character of the man behind the artist The grandiose of Travis Scott’s career is his ability to revive the elements of classic trap and turning them extravagant. Escaping the perception of being just a protege or your average trapper, his sophomore album, “Birds In The Trap..” set the tone for Travis to do what he wants, and it works. Years later, Scott now has the youth in the palm of his hands, and with his latest release, “ASTROWORLD”, he’s finally the superstar he was always destined to be. Stimulating an hypnotic desire throughout the album, the listening experience is a front row ticket into chaotic extravaganza that can’t be missed What’s your favorite Travis Scott song/album? Go online now via the link in bio for all of your essential Travis Scott content 📸: @scrap_doyle, @mikepiscitelli

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